Advantages of hydro-mechanization

Hydro-mechanization is one of the most progressive and effective ways of soil treatment. The cost for hydro-mechanized works is significantly lower in comparison with traditional mining with excavator and transportation by automobile.

Mounting and usage of main units (dredges) is simple.

Power consumption is considerably lower, taking fuel consumption into account.

There is an opportunity to treat over-flooded as well as dry industrial pools (with the help of hydro-monitor and dredge), thus there is a chance to displace soil from large foundation pits and channels without drainage nor works for lowering the water level.

There is an opportunity to displace soil to construction areas with high intensity, that have limited access and are unreachable for automobiles.

High-intense implementation on one dredge device combined with high-productivity dredge allows to perform very capacious works with short deadlines.

Advantages of hydro-mechanization

During the collection of non-mineral construction materials in one unite technological process there are also held treatment, transport and separation by using devices that have hydro-classification and soil displacement into a pile.

There is no need to build access roads to construction areas on industrial pools.

The surface of industrial pool decreases significantly due to depth of treatment.

There is an opportunity to work on uninhabited, severely unaccessable areas, where roads and communications are absent. In some cases hydro-mechanization is the only option to perform the work.