Water and soil mixture channels

Pressure arterys and transportable mass channels are chosen depending on dredge. Transportable mass channel is prescribed for installation and supporting on the floater and through this channel hydrotrasportation takes place from dredger to shore. Flexible piping is made with diameter beginning 150 to 900mm, with length of 7,3m and operating pressure to 4 MPa. The middle level of hydro-abrasive wear to pipes is 5 to 8 times higher than in case of steel pipes and they are more resistant to agressive environmental effects.

Pumping equipment

The main aggregate of ground pump unit is dredge. Dredges are meant for re-pumping gravel, sand and gravel, and other hydro-mixtures in further-pumping stations equipped with dredgers between excavation spot and place of installation of the material. Usage of dredges with different pressure characteristics and productivity allows to transport underwater soil mixture up to 3000m in distance, with further-pumping stations even up to 5000m in distance.

Among the dredges there are also included: GPS receiver, echosounder, laptop equipped with special programs. Usage of GPS receiver combined with the dredge permits to avoid lot of mistakes pumping the soil out of water, evaluation of soil capacity is made possible, also evaluation of situation and planning of dredging.

Positioning module

The positioning module enables to check the bottom dredging process in a specific section. Hydrographic data is used to draw up a basic map of depths. Then the constructed model of the bottom is adjusted on the basis of the abovementioned data according to the work carried out. The operator sees a colored depth map on the screen, which shows which sections need to be dug out and at which designed depth, and monitors the work process in real time as if "seeing" what is going on under the water. The side view shows in real time at which depth and in which position to the bottom the milling cutter is located.

Module for calculating efficiency

The module for calculating efficiency is designed for the operative monitoring of the efficiency of the suction dredge with respect to pulp as well as dry material. The equipment includes a density sensor and a flow meter. The programme visualizes the data of both sensors and enables the operator to maintain the optimum concentration and velocity of the pulp as much as possible. See the video/screen display. Current efficiency is displayed as a number on the top of the screen as well as on a scale under the crossing of the two index hands. The programme enables to keep separate records for several operators and assess the efficiency of each one of them in different periods.

Water and soil mixture channels